After experiencing the dark side of the music industry, Hepworth decided to follow a different path. Sailing his 1906 Dutch barge from London, he got her stuck upon the mud flats of Suffolk, where he ended up settling, and became the brain child of Blue Bus Tour: a 1962, split screen, VW camper van called Dorothy, which he converted into a mobile, solar powered stage complete with lighting rig ( Hepworth, along with a few musical friends have spent the past few years driving around the country setting up ‘pop up’ gigs and festivals in various fields and woods and sometimes at established festivals too.

Although Hepworth has been off the public scene as a performing/recording artists, through friends and the Blue Bus Tour he has been performing and writing continually under the radar. In the past few years he has shared the stage with the likes of Beth Orton, Bastille, Turin Brakes, Kevin Pearce, Seasfire, Tom McRae, Kimberly Anne, Jamie Lawson, Sam Brookes, Scott Matthews, Kal Lavelle, Jake Morley, Fiona Bevan, and many more.

In 2017 Hepworth started recording again, and is currently working with Jesse Quin (Keane) on his next EP