"I took your advice and recorded - 17 Sun Lane."

The song was released on 25th October and went straight in at No 8 in the UK iTunes Singer/Song Writer Charts.

17 Sun Lane was the inspiration for this song and the house my partner lived in when we first met.

This song is now available on all platforms.

About Peter Hepworth...

“Instantly identifiable, Hepworth’s songs, are a unique and colourful collection of daydream excursions, spontaneous adventures, reflections of river life, and intimate moments that caught his heart and imagination. With a 70s ethos and colourful, lyrical imagery all portrayed through Hepworth’s jovial and idiosyncratic interpretation of the world around him.”

“I was gigging at the White Lion in Ufford and my partner and daughter had a come down to listen. My daughter was 3 months old at the time. After the show the most incredible electrical storm erupted. My little girls first, and the inspiration for this song” ☞

Filmed in Los Angeles...

“Snowman was filmed while on holiday in Santa Monica visiting my very talented ‘brother in law’ Robert Matthews (Beanstalk Productions) who lives out there with his family. Rob took time out to make me a music video on the spot with no pre plan at all. We filmed this in the backyard of our holiday let. Also thanks to lovely his wife Lane Matthews for looking gorgeous in it too.”

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"Nice quotes from lovely people"

“Beautiful, beautiful music

Sarah Lilley
(BBC Suffolk)

"I really love this guys voice”

Jesse Quin

“You have a great sound man”

Dan Smith

"Peter has a great soulful sound” 

Ben Osborne
(Noise of Art)

"You're absolutely world class!"

Matt Cardle
Singer Songwriter

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